Match Report
Sherborne School Seniors vs  RFA
On: Saturday, 08 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

The Rugby Fives Association once again brought six players to Sherborne for their annual fixture. Their players varied considerably in age, and between them they brought an awful lot of experience onto the Sherborne courts. The Sherborne team, on the other hand, were less experienced and with one of our first pair out due to injury, it fell to a number of Fifth Form pupils to take up the challenge.

Brothers Benedict and Fabian were paired together and won two of their six games, playing well with one another and keeping the rallies going for a long time.

Jack P and Alec W, both still in the Fifth Form, took time to get used to the different style of play from their older opponents. The best of the RFA were a little too good but they fought hard and against the second and third pair gained 20 points in total.

As the afternoon progressed the team learnt a huge amount from a different style of play to the usual school fixture, coping well with multiple drop shots, cross court hits and (quite honestly) beautifully placed lengths.

Overall it was a loss for Sherborne 110 points to 151, but given the young team playing an adult opposition, this was an impressive result for the school.