Match Report
Sherborne School Juniors vs  Sherborne Preparatory School Boys-U13A
On: Saturday, 18 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

This was the second ever fixture against Sherborne Prep after the success of the inaugural match last year. Eighteen boys from the two schools took part and over the course of the hour and a half twenty-three games, of both doubles and singles, were played. They were watched by a large group of spectators, some of whom were enjoying their first visit to a Fives court.

By the end of the doubles the scores were almost level, with both sides winning an almost equal share of the games. Thomas AV, Freddie S and Charlie M had the greatest success for the Senior School, but despite their younger age the Prep School students were not put off. Every player fought hard and the Prep school top pair, Will T and Stan H, were their most successful partnership, beating opponents who were one or even two years older.

There were a variety of results in the singles too, with victories for both schools through the eight singles games. The senior school eventually came out in the lead, 182 points to 162. It was evident from the whole afternoon that plenty of Fives had been enjoyed by both players and spectators, and we can look forward to some talented players coming out of the Prep School in the coming years.