Match Report
Sherborne School Boys-U14D vs  Cheltenham College Boys-U14C
On: Saturday, 30 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Sherborne School MCDs 39 – 5 Cheltenham College

The dream of this year’s MCDs winning a match was one which, in spite of adversity, bad weather, bad luck, moments of brilliance and crushing despair, never died. This is a truly special group of boys indeed, one which never gave up and even as they faced their final match of the year they were highly optimistic that this might be the week of weeks, when, for them, 3 months of hurt and at times heavy defeats could be ended. And so it proved on an ice cold and blustery day on the fabled Carey’s Pitch Number 4. Against a not-weak-by-any-means Cheltenham side Sherborne ran in seven tries and even managed to kick two conversions. There were moments of dazzling brilliance and stout defence in this match, from both sides, but in the end when all was said and done and the referee blew his whistle to bring down the curtain on this long season, there was only unbounded jubilation and the memories of the past ten weeks turned golden and will I am sure inspire the boys in their future sporting endeavours. I think all agreed it was a fitting end for a group which had tried so hard and which combined so many and diverse skill levels. Their effort and resilience will live long in the mind.