Match Report
Sherborne School Boys-U14A vs  Bryanston School
On: Thursday, 13 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

This was a tough match for the Mini Colts on a number of levels. The game plan decided by the coach was to generate forward momentum by using Alfie R and Jonty H in the midfield but this was at the expense of solidity in defence and goal threat in attack. The rub of the green was certainly not with them either, as neither of Bryanston’s first half goals should have stood. The call at half time was to put that behind us and rise to the challenge. There is no doubt that the players tried to do just that but were unable to successfully channel their emotions. Becoming too aggressive in contact, trying to make the miracle play and loosing the wider view of the game resulted in structure breaking down and repeatedly returning hard won possession back to the opposition. Somewhat inevitably, Bryanston were able to add another goal to their tally, whilst Sherborne looked little threat at the other end, expect occasionally down the right hand channel through Jonty H and Alfie S. Man of the match for the second game running, Arthur M, kept the scoreline respectable but this was ultimately a disappointing day for the team. Progress is rarely a smooth upward trajectory and this performance certainly marked a backwards step. Nevertheless, the team remain keen to learn, determined and positive; ready to re-engage with the challenge after half term.