Match Report
Sherborne School Mini Colts C vs  Millfield Preparatory School Boys-U13B
On: Saturday, 01 Feb 2020
Venue: Away

The MCCs travelled to Millfield Prep and found themselves up against a small but mobile and skilful side from Millfield Prep.

The match started at a fast pace with Millfield scoring first. Sherborne took their time to settle and managed to reply through Hugo Massey after twenty minutes. This spurred them on and the goal of the match followed on twenty-five minutes; Archie McAndrew went down the right, crossed and Charlie Ricketts rose at the far post to head home. Millfield, however, responded immediately and brought the game to two all at the break.

Sherborne now had to play up the hill and against the wind and were finding it difficult to get into the penalty area. Millfield, on the other hand had the conditions in their favour and chances quickly came their way, scoring twice in close succession. Sherborne did manage to exert some meaningful pressure after fifteen minutes and got several shots on target, but the score of 4 – 2 remained till the final whistle.

Sherborne played very well in some periods of the game when they managed to string a series of passes together and so progress up the field. Too often though, there was not enough movement off the ball and so options were limited.

Man of the Match – Peter Henderson ‘ thoughtful play in the centre

of midfield.’