Match Report
Sherborne School Boys-U14D vs  Marlborough College
On: Thursday, 14 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Sherborne 0 – 58 Marlborough College

One thing has to be said for this Mini Colts D team and that is that both as individuals and as a collective they never lose their cheerfulness, even when facing overwhelming odds or even an overwhelming defeat. The earlier match in the season showed that Marlborough were strong, fast and adept in every department of the game. Sad to report that nothing changed in the intervening period, except for the fact that the MCDs undoubtedly improved, but so did Marlborough. This was in fact a virtual repeat of the previous game. Marlborough started strong and got stronger and managed to run in a host of unanswered tries. Still, the Sherborne boys held their hands up bravely and took responsibility for frailty in the tackle and a few handling errors in attack. In truth though they had few opportunities and were outclassed by a better side. They march on resolutely however and eagerly await the last competitive fixtures of the season.