Match Report
Sherborne School Seniors vs  Winchester College
On: Thursday, 23 Jan 2020
Venue: Away

It had been some time since Harry Harvey and Benedict Mercer were playing competitive doubles together and there were some highs and lows through the afternoon. In the doubles they struggled to get into a rhythm, but the singles later in the day saw them get into their stride. There were some epic battles, with Harry losing 9-11 in a very long game, with both players having to dig deep to keep going. Benedict lost in the singles to their talented top player Boris Ames but enjoyed a victory 11-3 against another of the Blundell’s team. He finished with an epic game, narrowly losing 12-14 with the scores staying level throughout the game.

Jack Pyman and Alex Williams (in the 5th form) joined the ranks of the seniors for the first time and relished the challenge. By the end of the doubles they were just 2 points down, but the singles proved a touch too challenging. However, they will have gained much from the experience and are looking forward to more matches at the higher level in the future.

Overall Sherborne Lost 80-137