Match Report
Sherborne School 4th XI vs  Clayesmore School
On: Thursday, 23 Jan 2020
Venue: at Home

The Fourth XI played well to defeat a spirited and committed Claysmore team 4 – 1. Sam Vincent scored the first goal of the match showing a huge amount of bravery in directing the ball into the net after only 2 minutes of play. Finn Grammaticas, Freddie Cole and Ollie Small were athletic in midfield and decisively won this battle. Ed Clarke, team captain, was unlucky to receive a ball straight into his eye after only 10 minutes and had to withdraw from the game. Constantin Arco and Theo Mcveigh showed some class on the wings and Seiko Yonemata was the dominant defensive force on the pitch. Ed Bale was physical, skilful and caused havoc for Claysmore’s technically limited defence. The offence started with Oscar Chandler as CDM spraying the ball accurately and fast across the pitch. Claysmore had a few chances to score but last year’s man of the season, Henry Parsons, held the line all match and was unlucky to concede after a poor umpiring decision from yours truly. Man of the match was Sam Vincent for opening the scoring and consistently finding space and beating his man.