Match Report
Sherborne School Boys-U18A vs  Sherborne Girls Girls-U18A
On: Thursday, 14 Nov 2019
Venue: Away

Squash v Girls’ School Win 4-1

  1. Riley L 1-3
  2. Bray W 3-2
  3. Belykh W 3-1
  4. Bradley W 3-0
  5. Cath W 3-0

It all rested on a knife edge; five first time Sherborne boys against a seasoned Girls’ School team and, following some titanic struggles, the boys managed to win the day... but only just! Belykh almost spontaneously combusted, he tried so hard, Bray dug in for the long game, Bradley strolled to a nonchalant victory, while Cath (narrowly avoided eviscerating himself with a squash ball, something I’ve not seen before) imposed himself convincingly on his game. Riley, playing at number 1, had a harder job of it, but even his usual sangfroid warmed up a degree or two, to provide a nail biter of a finish.