Match Report
Sherborne School Boys-U14C vs  Marlborough College
On: Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

"The Mini-Colts C squad arrived at Marlborough excited about their first away game of the season. After a brief warm-up of some activation drills and ball-handling, the game started apace. Marlborough College played a set-piece attack from the ruck, running through a large gap in the defensive wall, to score the first try of the game. Undeterred, the boys started to force their way into the game with aggressive rucking and tackling. Slowly, opportunities appeared. Thanks to the boys' patience, well-drilled passing along the line and some quick feet from Ed Laughton and other players in the back line, Sherborne successfully put 3 tries over the line. Marlborough managed to squeeze a try in the corner on the stroke of half-time to claw back some momentum in the game. In the second half, Sherborne looked to capitalise on their breakdown with heightened aggression and attacking into space. The rucking and tackling was improved and several Marlborough players had to be taken off from the sheer force of the Sherborne team's legal and ferocious hits. Marlborough were on the ropes at points in the second half and the Sherborne players had a few clear opportunities lost due to hesitation or poor decision-making. Nevertheless, the effort was good and the team remained disciplined and committed as Marlborough staged an effective comeback to win the game 33-22. As the coach, I was delighted with the grit, determination and technical improvement that every single player displayed. Not only did they look a completely different team to the one that was steamrollered by Radley, but they demonstrated clear and impressive skill in the areas that we have been working on in practice. A very, very good performance with exciting potential for the upcoming fixture against Abingdon!"